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TJ Customs specialize in creating unique and beautiful custom systems that are tailor made for our customers.

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A Little about us

About Us

We provide custom design solutions to clients around New Zealand,
creating computers that are unique and future proof.

Our History

TJ Customs was an idea that has been on the horizon for over ten years. Founded & Operated by Terry Jones in 2015, TJ Customs specialize in custom built computer systems. We can create a system that is unique to you. Please note that we also offer some pre-built systems (ours only use high quality parts).

With 20 years’ experience in system building, repair and service you can be rest assured that you will be receiving a quality product.

Peace Of Mind

We offer a comprehensive 1 Year Warranty on all our systems, paired with this we will help you troubleshoot any issue with your computer for free during this period.

All our systems use high quality, leading brand products. We do not buy cheaper generic brand products, only proven high performance parts.

For peace of mind our site is secured using an industry leading SSL certificate, that ensures that all your details are kept confidential. You can verify it by clicking the below image.

Custom Designs - Perfected