What is the purpose of School?

What is the purpose of school?

During a Postgraduate paper last night we were asked about the purpose of school (education) and what is knowledge, as a small cohort we come up with some interesting but reasonably predictable answers. So today I thought I would pose the question to my class. Here are some of their responses:

From the perspective of ten and eleven year old students.

“Get smarter, learn and get a job” – Student 1
“Get an education, to get a job” – Student 2
“Learn how to be confident and talk to others, build relationships” – Student 3
“Meet new people” – Student 4
“Learn about the world” – Student 5
“Learn about new sports” – Student 6
“Find new strategies and ways to solve problems” – Student 7
“You won’t end up dumb like a baby” – Student 8
“So you get more intelligent (sic) better when you are older” – Student 9
“Teach us good decisions so we don’t go to jail” – Student 10
“Learn about friendships and how people behave” – Student 11
“Learn how to be healthy” – Student 12

What is knowledge?

“It is knowing things, the how-to, do coding…” – Student 1
“Learning new things” – Student 2
“Knowledge is power, the more you know the more power you have” – Student 3
“Talking, helping others is knowledge” – Student 4

Analysis coming soon…

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